• Sunday, January 29, 2023


Nearly 30 doctors test positive for COVID-19 in Bangladesh daily, says BDF

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By: PramodKumar

THE Bangladesh Doctors Foundation (BDF), an organisation of physicians, has said that nearly 30 doctors across the country have tested Covid-19 positive daily in last one week on an average.

As many as 324 physicians are now COVID-19 patients, says the organisation.

As many as 324 doctors from government, private and specialised hospitals were so far infected with COVID-19 as on Saturday (25), Dr Nirupam Das, chief administrator of the foundation, told Daily Star newspaper.

The number of infected doctors was 100 till April 18.

According to the foundation, the main reasons behind the high rate of infection among doctors and other health workers in Bangladesh are”poor quality” of personal protective equipment (PPE) provided to doctors, community transmission and patients concealing having coronavirus symptoms.

According to the BDF tally, most of the infected doctors are from Dhaka hospitals.

The foundation says several infected doctors are from hospitals not designated for COVID-19 treatment or they tested positive before the hospitals they work at were designated for coronavirus treatment. Patients hiding coronavirus symptoms while receiving treatment there may have contributed largely to the transmission, the doctors say.

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