• Monday, June 17, 2024

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Ramesh Bhutada donates $1m for ‘Hindu causes’ in US

Ramesh Bhutada

By: Pramod Thomas

INDIAN AMERICAN philanthropist Ramesh Bhutada has donated $1 million (£800m) to the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) for Hindu causes in the US.

Houston-based businessman Bhutada during a recent gala of Hindu American Foundation committed the amount over the next four years to HAF.

In March 2023, he donated $1m to the Florida-based Hindu University of America, the only institution in the US whose mission is to provide education based on Hindu philosophy.

Participants of the HAF Gala in Houston also raised another $450,000 (over £360,000).

Addressing the gathering, tech entrepreneur from Silicon Valley Sundar Iyer shared his frightening experience of allegations of caste-based discrimination.

Iyer said that while California took it to the extreme of putting a target on the backs of the Indian and Hindu communities with the proposed SB403 bill that governor Gavin Newsom vetoed, the fallacious idea that the Hindu community could be engaging in widespread caste-based discrimination and violence could easily seep into corporate HR departments and local city ordinances via targeted pressure by anti-Hindu caste activists.

HAF executive director Suhag Shukla and Iyer underlined the need for the community to stay vigilant against such scenarios, a media release said.


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