• Friday, December 02, 2022


Viral Video: Domino’s Pizza Female employee assaulted by a group of women in Indore, India

By: ShelbinMS

In a recent shocking incident from Madhya Pradesh, India, a Domino’s Pizza female employee in Indore was brutally beaten up by a group of 4 women from a local gang. Video of the incident went viral on social media within minutes after being uploaded.

In the video, the Domino’s Pizza employee can be seen screaming and crying out in pain but no one comes in support to save her, rather than just watch her getting verbally and physically abused by the stick and bare hands of 4 local women, who were allegedly a part of a local gang.

The pizza chain employee in the video says “She will file a police complaint” to which one of the lady goons replies “Go call the police”. The lady then tried to save her life by entering a nearby residence.

Soon after the assault video got viral on social media, many people criticized the group of women beating and abusing an innocent lady so badly and requested the MP Police to register a complaint against all the assaulters in the video and demanded a fair probe into the case.

The violent video is said to be shared by the local gang itself on social media.

The reason behind, why the employee got brutally beaten up is still unknown.


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