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US Indian shot dead by San Antonio police

San Antonio police said the investigation is ongoing in the case. (Photo credit: iStock)

By: Vivek Mishra

In the US, a 42-year-old man of Indian origin was fatally shot by police in San Antonio after he struck two officers with his vehicle during an attempted arrest linked to a case of aggravated assault.

“Sachin Kumar Sahoo was pronounced dead at the scene,” reported the Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office, confirming his cause of death as multiple gunshot wounds.

Originally from Uttar Pradesh, Sahoo might have been a naturalised US citizen, PTI reported quoting sources.

Police responded to a report of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon just before 6.30 pm. They found a 51-year-old woman who had been intentionally struck by a vehicle, allegedly driven by Sahoo, who fled the scene. The victim was critically injured and taken to a local hospital.

Afterward, neighbours alerted police of Sahoo’s return. When officers tried to approach him, he struck two officers with his BMW SUV, leading one officer to fire his weapon, resulting in Sahoo’s death. One officer was hospitalised, and the other was treated at the scene.

The investigation is ongoing, according to police.

San Antonio police Chief Bill McManus said, “Sahoo had allegedly run over his roommate,” who was in critical condition undergoing surgeries. “An arrest warrant had been issued for Sahoo, and officers attempted to apprehend him when the altercation occurred.”

The police had issued an arrest warrant for Sahoo and a couple of officers had gone to his known location on April 21 to see if they could find him and arrest him.

“They did find him and he jumped in his car. He pulled out of his driveway” where the police officers blocked him with their vehicles but he was able to squeeze through them.

Sahoo hit the officers with his vehicle. “The other officer that was with him fired to stop him and struck him,” McManus said.

He said the police are yet to look at the bodycam footage to determine further facts.

A report in Kens5.com quoted Sahoo’s ex-wife Leah Goldstein as saying that Sahoo was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Sahoo’s ex-wife, Leah Goldstein, said, “He suffered the past ten years with bipolar disorder.” She described him as a loving father and provider for their family.


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