• Saturday, June 10, 2023


Two injured in shooting at California gurdwara

By: Pramod Thomas

Two people were shot at in a Gurudwara in the US on Sunday (26), local media reports said quoting the police. The incident is not related to a hate crime, they said.

The shooting took place around 2.30 pm at the Gurdwara Sacramento Sikh Society in Sacramento County of California.

Both of the victims are in critical condition, as per reports.

“Two people shot at a Gurudwara in Sacramento County, California. Both of the victims are in critical condition. The shooting is not related to a hate crime, it is a shootout between two men who knew each other,” Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office said.

Three people were involved in a fistfight that escalated into a shooting.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Amar Gandhi said “suspect 2” was down when “suspect 1” shot suspect 2’s friend. Suspect 2 then shot suspect 1 and ran off.

“All participants in that altercation seemed to have known each other. This seems to have stemmed from something far before this,” he added.

One of the suspects is described as an Indian male while the other suspected shooter is in the hospital, the police official said.

There were an estimated 44,000 gun-related deaths in the United States last year, about half of them murder cases, accidents and self-defense, and half of them suicides, according to the Gun Violence Archive database.

The rise in gun violence in the country has prompted President Joe Biden to sign an executive order that seeks to increase the number of background checks conducted during gun sales.


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