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Trailer for Priyanka’s sci-fi thriller Citadel out

By: Mohnish Singh

The trailer for Priyanka Chopra’s much-awaited sci-fi thriller Citadel was unveiled on Monday. Created by the Russo Brothers of Avengers Endgame fame, the streaming show also features Richard Madden and Stanley Tucci in pivotal roles.

Madden and Chopra play two Citadel agents, Mason Kane and Nadia Sinh respectively, who do not remember anything about their previous lives. However, they are called back into service to stop a new world order from rising.

In addition to the trailer, the makers also announced the release date for the high-profile sci-fi thriller. The show will start streaming on Prime Video from April 28.

The trailer opens with a voiceover from Richard Madden where he asks Priyanka Chopra’s character, “Tell me if you have ever felt like you should be somewhere else, doing something else.”

He tries to convince Chopra that they are both spies who were together in a train accident but Chopra can’t remember any of it. However, when both are attacked by an unknown assassin whom they overpower, she reveals that she has seen him in her dreams though.

Soon enters the character played by Stanley Tucci who tells them they were part of Citadel, a spy agency loyal to no nation.

A day earlier, the makers dropped a short 14-second Citadel teaser. It had a Stanley Tucci voiceover, where he said, “Everything you know is a lie. What you were was a myth. What you were was Citadel.”

The trailer was earlier scheduled to come out last week but had to be postponed due to a train crash in Greece around the same time.

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