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This hotel in Cologne offers beer on tap

By: ShelbinMS

The Hotel zur Malzmühlem in central Cologne, Germany, is a paradise for beer lovers. The hotel offers beer on tap in the en-suite bathrooms of selected rooms, according to a report in The Times.

Located next to the sink, the tap supplies a light brew from the adjoining Malzmühle brewery, the report said. It is one of the few dozen firms producing the beer type that by law can only be made in Rhineland city.

However, be informed, that there is no limitless supply of beer available as it is linked to a five-litre keg that must be booked in advance.

Hotel authorities have claimed that the idea was ‘well received’ among customers. The rooms in the hotel are also peculiar as guests sleep in giant converted barrels.

“We’ve embraced the brewery theme throughout the building, as it’s the origin of our company,” Bettina Dülfer, manager of the Hotel zur Malzmühlem, was quoted as saying by The Times. “The beer tap is very well received and ensures a fun time in the room. It distinguishes us from other hotels.”

Hotel authorities claimed that there are no beer remnants in the tap that could smell as it is regularly cleaned.

The Brewery Master’s Suite in the hotel is popular with bridal couples, they added.

A number of beer-friendly in Germany are Beach Motel in the North Sea resort of St Peter-Ording, where guests can relax under a chandelier made from green Jever beer bottles. Bavaria’s Hotel Aying holds brewing seminars in its adjoining brewery. And a hotel in Arnstadt, Thuringia, offers guests a “Bierathlon” quiz, the newspaper report added.

The 1516 Bavaria’s beer purity law limits the ingredients in beer to water, malt, hops and yeast. It is the oldest consumer protection law still in force.

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