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Sunak attends reception by diaspora group Conservative Friends of India

By: Kimberly Rodrigues

PRIME MINISTER Rishi Sunak, attended a joint reception organised by the diaspora group Conservative Friends of India and the Indian High Commission on the sidelines of the Tory Conference in Manchester on Monday (2).

While addressing the crowd, Sunak expressed immense pride in his background and heritage.

He also reflected on his recent visit to India for the India-led G20 summit, describing it as successful and highlighting the strong relationship between the UK and India.

Vikram Kumar Doraiswami, the High Commissioner of India to the UK was also present at the event which was marked by enthusiastic applause as members and attendees welcomed Sunak, affectionately known as “Rishi Beta,” emphasising his significance not just as a political leader but as a representative of the dreams and aspirations of generations of immigrants.

Sunak acknowledged the support from the diaspora, crediting them for his journey in politics. He expressed gratitude for the continuous backing he received from the community, vowing to work tirelessly to make them proud.

Reflecting on his roots, Sunak mentioned his parents’ pride in his achievements, although they occasionally wished he had become “the first doctor prime minister” he said humourously.

He also shared an anecdote involving his mother’s homemade ‘barfi’, which he graciously shared with president Zelensky of Ukraine. The treat was thoroughly enjoyed, prompting his mother to promptly prepare four more boxes of barfi to be sent to Ukraine, he said.

Sunak also underscored the importance of the close cooperation between the UK and India and expressed his hope for a free trade deal between the two nations.

He said, “At the G20, we really saw a glimpse of what the future of that relationship can be, with closer cooperation on absolutely everything from trade to defence, innovation, security, research, and I hope… a free trade deal, if we can get it done”.

Presiding over his inaugural Tory conference as the ruling party’s chief, Sunak expressed his aspirations to enhance the achievements of his initial India visit to work together as two “great democracies, shaping the future of the world for the long term”.

He credited the diaspora’s unwavering support for his ability to navigate the challenges, promising to continue working for their better future.

Conservative Friends of India (CF India) aims to forge strong connections between the Conservative Party, the British Indian community, and India. The organisation acknowledges the accomplishments and contributions of British Indians and promotes stronger ties between India and Britain, fostering mutual benefits. Additionally, CF India endeavours to enhance support for the Conservative Party within the British Indian community.

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