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Style Notes with Neelam

By: Neelam Mistry-Thaker

WITH March we welcome the longer days, increase in temperatures, and change in the colours we see in nature. It is also the perfect time to start transitioning your outfits, so here are my five easy tips to move your wardrobe into spring.

Make way for spring
Clear your wardrobe of heavy winter pieces like chunky knitwear and thermals that are no longer needed. Move these to another area of your wardrobe or seal them in vacuum-pack bags and move them to another room or the loft. What we see is what we’ll wear. If we’re distracted by pieces not relevant for the season, it will make it that much harder to get dressed.

Get online
Visit a site like Pinterest, type in ‘spring fashion’, and you will find so much inspiration for all body shapes and sizes. Pin your favourites and watch your dream spring look come together. Then check out your wardrobe to see how you can recreate any of the style suggestions. If there is a look you love, but are missing a key piece, add it to your shopping list. Head to the shops and try on different variations to find the right outfit for you.

Layer it up
Play with the layering of your outfits. It’s time to change up the fabrics you wear, moving from wool staples to those like cotton. This will still create a layer of warmth but keep it breathable as temperatures rise. You’ll also want to consider sleeve lengths and maybe transition from long sleeves to short sleeves underneath pieces like blazers and slip dresses.

Add in pops of accent colours
If you know the colours that work well for you, adding in some lighter hues for the spring/summer season will instantly change a look. This can be done easily through accessories such as bags and scarves or capsule pieces like a statement blazer or coat. As the weather is transitioning, I’m loving all of the pink tones in the shops and think they work so well with a spring palette. This can then easily be taken back into autumn/winter when they are paired with the right neutrals.

Start adding Prints
Whether you are a lover of a spring floral print or prefer something more classic like a stripe, prints can add interest and personality to an outfit. They are also a great way to introduce colour and form the basis of other accent colours to add into an outfit through pieces like shoes and bags. I’m so excited for the new season, brighter days and more fun with my personal style. Happy styling.

Neelam Mistry-Thaker is a fashion expert, personal stylist, and style coach.

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