What’s best way to secure your valuables? Surely a bank is obvious answer? But few banks offer safe deposit boxes. Branches are rapidly closing as we do most of our banking online. So where do we keep our jewellery?


Burglary risk You may think it safe to keep your valuables at home. But burglars know the areas, communities and homes likely to have jewellery. They could be watching to see when you go out then break in and ransack your home. Or if they catch you in, could force you to hand over your valuables.

Most of our customers have a small amount of jewellery passed down the family, maybe intended as a dowry, so this would be a devastating loss. Much safer to keep your valuables secure away from your home.

Weddings Lots of Asian homes get targeted when there’s a wedding as some celebrate by lighting up their houses. This makes them a beacon for burglars as weddings are a time when jewellery is worn and gifted.

Keeping your valuables safe Here at Neelkanth Safe Deposit we’ve been keeping people’s valuables safe for many years within our highly-specialised safe deposit centres. Using the latest technology we offer a highly reassuring service at affordable prices. All our profits go back into communities we serve.

We evolved out of Bank House Lockers which opened in Wembley in 1988. Our flagship centre in Southall was set up in 2014. With a capacity of 15,000 lockers it’s now one of Europe’s largest safe deposit centres. To meet the growing demand in 2019 we opened a branch in Croydon.

Find out how we can give you peace of mind. Call us now on:


020 8843 9920 (Southall)

020 8702 8888 (Croydon)



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