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Sabina Ranger wants to transform beauty industry with BELLA

Sabina Ranger

By: Mohnish Singh

WITH a passion for innovation and a keen eye for quality, Sabina Ranger is turning her popular beauty brand, BELLA, into a household name synonymous with elegance and sophistication.

In an industry saturated with promises of perfection, her carefully crafted products, like the Wanderlash mascara, aim to outperform existing beauty offerings, without compromising on quality.

Having built her company from the ground up, she is determined to have a transformative effect on the beauty industry with a game-changing approach, where customer comfort is at the forefront.

In an interview with Eastern Eye, the British entrepreneur spoke about her inspiring BELLA journey, the pivotal moments that shaped the brand and the bold decision to cross new frontiers with it.

 What was the inspiration behind starting BELLA?

I grew up as a product enthusiast. For 35 years, my family made innovative products focused on being better than market leaders.

From a young age, I gained deep insights into product development, from conception to creation. After joining my family business and spending seven years creating market leading consumer goods products people loved, I wanted to solve a personal beauty challenge that I, and 97 per cent of false lash wearers also face – the discomfort of false lashes.

Over three years, I tirelessly created a mascara that provided dramatic effects without the pain.

 What happened next?  

This became an instant cult viral hit. Following recognition from industry experts and celebrities globally, a full range was born.

We now supply to leading retailers in various markets globally and hope to continue growing. We are disrupting luxury beauty with 100 per cent vegan innovation, utilising cutting edge technology and unique ingredients such as crushed diamonds, blueberry oil and rose quartz.

 What sets BELLA apart from other beauty brands in a competitive market? 

BELLA shines for various reasons. First, it has unparalleled performance. Every product is designed to exceed expectations with quick results.

Our products are designed to be of the highest quality, long lasting and easy to use. They feature unique ingredients and are meticulously crafted, so each product brings you that ‘wow’ moment.

Whether it’s our cult viral product Wanderlash mascara or our radiant highlight-blush hybrid, Luminosity, each BELLA masterpiece promises exceptional results and is mindfully sustainable with the addition of refillable packaging, where possible.

Additionally, we are committed to making a positive difference in this world beyond beauty.

Tell us more about that.  

Through our BELLA Butterfly Fund, we pledge one per cent of every sale to meaningful causes such as mental health and education.

By choosing BELLA, you’re not just getting the best beauty products, but also supporting us in our mission to empower individuals. Together, let’s make a positive impact, one beauty ritual at a time.

What is the inspiring BELLA Butterfly Fund about?  

We are committed to making a positive difference and using beauty as a force for good. As part of our commitment to kindness and making a positive impact, we have introduced the BELLA Butterfly Fund. When you choose BELLA, you are not just investing in quality beauty products; you are also contributing to causes that matter.

 What was behind your decision to expand BELLA in the UAE? 

Expanding BELLA into the UAE market was a strategic move driven by several key factors. First, we saw the vibrant beauty scene in the UAE as a prime avenue for growth and creativity.

With its diverse and cosmopolitan population, the region is known for embracing new trends and products. Additionally, there’s a rising demand for discovering newness and innovation. As a disruptor brand on the rise, dedicated to the same, we recognised the opportunity for BELLA in the region.

How do you ensure that BELLA maintains its brand identity and values while adapting to a new market like the UAE? 

We balance consistency and adaptability by staying true to our core values of innovation, quality and inclusivity.

These principles guide all our decisions, from product development to marketing. Simultaneously, we value the UAE’s cultural nuances.

Thorough market research, community engagement and collaborating with local experts help us grasp consumer behaviour. This enables us to tailor our offerings and messaging to resonate with UAE consumers while upholding BELLA’s essence.

With the beauty industry constantly evolving, what innovative strategies do you employ to stay ahead of the curve and sustain growth? 

At BELLA, staying ahead in the beauty industry means embracing change and constantly innovating. We prioritise listening to our customers, gathering feedback through various channels like social media and surveys. This input guides our product development and improvements. Alongside customer insights, we also invest in researching emerging trends and technologies.

Our commitment to innovation ensures that our products remain cutting-edge and meet the evolving needs of our community.

Collaborations and partnerships can be valuable for brand growth. How do you think that has impacted your brand? 

Collaborations and partnerships have been instrumental in our brand’s growth, providing valuable opportunities to work with celebrities and media personalities. By teaming up with celebrities and influencers who resonate with BELLA’s values, we’ve expanded our audience and bolstered brand credibility. Their endorsement has facilitated genuine connections with customers, driving increased awareness and loyalty. These collaborations have been pivotal, enabling us to extend our reach.

Moving forward, we’re committed to pursuing more meaningful collaborations from personalities across the board.

 What are your upcoming or expansion plans for BELLA, both within the UK and globally? 

We have some exciting plans in the pipeline for BELLA both locally and globally. Domestically, we’re focused on expanding our presence in the UK and UAE market, with new product launches and strategic partnerships that will further solidify our brand’s footprint. We’re committed to offering our customers a unique beauty experience, whether they’re shopping online or visiting our retail partners. We’ve seen incredible demand for BELLA products worldwide. So, we’re eager to bring our innovative and high-performance beauty solutions to even more customers around the globe.

From Europe to Asia and beyond, we’re dedicated to making BELLA a global name.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to enter the beauty industry? 

For any aspiring entrepreneurs venturing into the beauty industry or looking to expand internationally, my advice would be to believe in your vision wholeheartedly. Entrepreneurship is a journey that is filled with challenges and uncertainties, but having a clear vision of what you want to achieve will keep you focused and motivated, even during the toughest times.

 Do you have any memorable success stories or milestones achieved by your brand that you’re particularly proud of? 

BELLA has celebrated several significant achievements, with the launch of our first retail stand in the UAE being a standout moment. We dedicated extensive effort to securing key retailers and prime shelf space in the UAE market, resulting in an impressive space exclusively for our Wanderlash mascara. The response from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive since its launch, with countless testimonials highlighting the transformative impact on their beauty routines.

What do you envision for the future of BELLA, and what legacy do you hope to leave?  

BELLA aims to cultivate its community of butterflies worldwide, having its own space within the beauty industry. From packaging to product, our focus is on delivering customers that ‘wow’ moment, reflecting our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. We’re dedicated to disrupting luxury beauty and making a meaningful impact.

Our vision extends beyond products – we aspire to build a platform of positivity, empowerment, and change, a legacy of inclusivity and innovation that transcends borders.

For more information, visit www. bellaworld.com

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