• Saturday, December 09, 2023

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‘Rogue’ Sheffield landlord gets ten-year ban on letting out properties

By: Pramod Thomas

A Sheffield man, widely dubbed ‘Britain’s worst landlord,’ has been handed a ten-year ban on letting properties due to serious safety concerns.

Nilendu Das, 55, created controversy last week when he claimed that his tenants “love” him despite the ban, reported MailOnline.

The ban follows Sheffield city council’s legal action against Das, who was once imprisoned for harassing tenants. Inspectors from the council described Das’s properties as some of the most dangerous they had ever encountered.

The council accused Das of a long history of managing extremely poor-quality housing, citing numerous issues such as piles of rubbish outside, graffiti-covered walls, and holes in ceilings.

Das, who also owns an Indian restaurant, now finds himself on the Rogue Landlord Database and subject to the longest letting ban in the UK. His properties are primarily located in the Crookes area of Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

However, when questioned about the ban, Das responded by defending himself against Sheffield city council’s accusations.

He asserted that his tenants regarded him highly and even referred to him as a “good leader.” Das went as far as to threaten to “go rogue.”

Photographs from Das’s rented properties show disturbing conditions, including mountains of waste inside and outside the homes, large holes in ceilings, extensive graffiti on walls, and filthy living spaces with dangerous fittings.

Das shifted blame onto the city council, accusing them of renting out hazardous accommodation. He pointed out that the council had faced criticism for failing to carry out gas safety checks in hundreds of homes, putting tenants at risk.

Also, Das insisted that the blame lay with problem tenants who had allegedly damaged and ruined his houses.

Councillor Douglas Johnson, chair of Sheffield city council’s housing committee, emphasised the seriousness of Das’s actions and his blatant disregard for tenant safety.

Johnson stated that Das’s properties were among the most dangerous ever encountered by the council’s enforcement staff. He noted that Das’s lengthy banning order reflected the gravity of his offenses and his history of poor housing management.

Das, who has previously been convicted of housing offenses and health and safety violations, appears undeterred by the ban, vowing to go rogue and continue his stance against the council’s actions.

The ban serves as a significant step in addressing the housing concerns associated with rogue landlords and ensuring the safety and well-being of tenants, the report added.

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