• Wednesday, October 05, 2022

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Review: A Kiss After Dying – Revenge thriller packs in charm, glamour and surprises

By: ShelbinMS

Acclaimed author Ashok Banker serves up a thrilling read about family, murder, and revenge in his latest novel A Kiss After Dying.

The story opens with a dreamy scene on a blissful white sandy desert island, where the main protagonist is on honeymoon with someone who seems to be her dream man. That tranquility is soon broken when it chillingly emerges she is not there for love, but bloodthirsty revenge for what he did to her family. She has been planning to murder him for many years and that fateful day is fast approaching. What follows is a multi-layered story filled with lies, secrets, twists, and deeply emotional drama.

The gripping novel is best appreciated by finding out as little as possible before reading because it offers up so many surprises. Central to the storyline is a no-nonsense female character, who is not willing to take any prisoners and determined to get her own version of justice.

Although she is on a mission to carry out a decidedly dark act and engages in manipulative behaviour to seduce an intended victim, the accomplished author manages to make her somewhat sympathetic. That interestingly crafted central protagonist, filled with contradictions, is surrou­n­ded by intriguing characters and subjects like fighting against social injustice. These engaging characters and moments get you further invested in the plot.

The author delivers evocative writing descriptions, which are easy to read and immerse you into the protagonist’s world. There are times during the early chapters when the pace is a little slow, but the simmering read is worth it and has you hooked with the jaw-dropping twist.

Overall, this an unpredictable revenge thriller that is plotted out well and packed with plenty of surprises. It is a great addition to any bookshelf for anyone who loves a drama-filled story with a bit of charm and glamour.

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