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Raveena Tandon: I have nothing left to prove

Raveena Tandon has been a star for 25 years

By: Sarwaralam

Having spend more than 25 years in the film industry, actress Raveena Tandon says she no longer worries about being in the rat race as she has nothing left to prove.

The 42-year-old actress says she is very content in her life now and chooses films on her whim like she did at the time of Bombay Velvet.

“I have nothing left to prove. I am not in the rat race.

I have been there done that. I am not going to compete with these young kids. I am fine with my own space. I am content, I have a family and I am happy,” Raveena said.

The actress, whose film Maatr released today, says at this stage of her career, she is looking for roles that give her a chance to explore something new and they need not be lead roles.

“I did Bombay Velvet on a whim and the reviews were favourable. I jumped at the the chance to play a jazz singer something like Hollywood film Chicago. I enjoyed it. I like to do work which I believe in. I may not do a full-fledged film but I may do such roles.

“I have reached that point where I can choose. I don’t want that I have films releasing every Friday. I have reached that point where I am having fun and also want to do roles that challenge me.”

Raveena says she does not understand why the media keeps terming the films which she does after a gap of few years as a “comeback”.

“I have made at least fifth or sixth comebacks. Honestly, the word comeback does not bother me. It is a cliched line and media keeps using it.

“According to them, Bombay Velvet was my comeback, so was Bbuddah… Hoga Terra Baap, Shobhana 7 Nights, Onir’s films and now they are also calling Maatr my comeback. There is nothing more original left to say.”

When asked if post Maatr, she will be doing more films, Raveena jokes she has worked so hard for the promotions of the film that she is ready to retire now.

“I did Maatr after going through so many scripts. I wanted to do the film as I believed in it. But I think I am ready to retire again. I worked so hard for the promotions.”

Raveena may be best known for the Bollywood potboilers of the ’90s but she has also starred in films like Satta, Shool and Daman.

She says she is happy to see the great roles that are being written for actresses today but has no regrets of not getting the opportunity at the height of her career.

“There is a right time for everything, everyone has a space to evolve. A lot of kids, who meet us today, say we wish we had music and songs like you did. Now people are making remixes of the songs. I don’t think there is my time or their time. I believe this is a great time for women in Indian cinema.

“Women are getting so much more opportunities. But we have also done it, probably not that swiftly. Everything is very fast now and yes the money is great. We would do 30 films a year and these guys do one film a year and they are happy.

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