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Rakul introduces disposable diapers: ‘We need to love planet so it can love us back’

By: Mohnish Singh

Actress Rakul Preet Singh is one of the biggest fitness enthusiasts in Indian cinema. She has time and again proved that through her social media videos and her fans follow her for the same.

While this year has been full of results for the actress in terms of film successes, Rakul is also taking huge steps aimed at the fitness of our environment. Yes, you read that right!

The actress recently shared a video where she talks about taking the first actionable steps by introducing disposable diapers for babies.

Sharing a video, she says “Hi guys. So all of you know that I feel strongly about fitness, but fitness is not just about a fit body but also fit environment. One which we nurture and preserve. We need to love the planet so it can love us back. Any change has to start from something very small. So we decided to start with the smallest of them all, babies. Disposable baby diapers have been adding tons of trash to our landfills for decades now and each one takes 500 years to decompose. Which is why we created ‘New Boo’ to bring you magical products for your babies while still preserving the magic in the nature around us.”

She further added, “We worked extremely hard to develop our flagship product. A premium reusable diaper that’s gentle, effective, and also completely biodegradable. So MamaBoos and PapaBoos, we hope we make this beautiful journey a little better for you, your NewBoo and our world!”


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Rakul Preet Singh was last seen in Chhatriwali where it was refreshing to see a female lead in a full-fledged role where no male actor overshadowed her.

After winning hearts in Chhatriwali, the actress is all set to continue her dream run with some exciting projects in Bollywood and down south.

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