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Princess of Wales captured on camera for first time after Christmas

Princess of Wales was last captured by paparazzi on the Christmas day (Photo: Getty images)

By: Vibhuti Pathak

The Princess of Wales has recently been spotted for the first time since December, marking her emergence into public view after undergoing abdominal surgery in January.

The photos, captured and released by Backgrid, show her riding as a passenger in a vehicle near Windsor Castle, driven by her mother, Carole Middleton.

In the images, the Princess is clad in a dark coat and round sunglasses, sporting a serious expression. This public appearance follows her last outing on Christmas and her subsequent hospitalisation at the London Clinic for a planned abdominal surgery in mid-January.

While the palace did not disclose the specific nature of the operation, it was confirmed to be non-cancerous.

The palace had previously announced the postponement of the Princess’s engagements, clarifying that she would refrain from official duties until after Easter, scheduled for March 31 this year.

The statement also expressed her hope that the public would respect her desire to maintain normalcy for her children and keep her personal medical information private.

Kensington Palace committed to providing updates only when there was significant new information to share. Following weeks of limited information, speculation about the Princess’s whereabouts gained traction online, prompting the palace to release a statement last week.

The statement reiterated the earlier position that the Princess of Wales would remain out of the public eye until after Easter, and updates would be provided only when there was noteworthy information to share.

The radio silence from the palace and other members of the royal family regarding the Princess’s condition led to increased online speculation and a surge in interest about her well-being.

The hashtag #whereisprincessofwales trended on social media platforms, accompanied by various theories, including organ donation, cosmetic procedures, and even the possibility of her being in a coma.

In response to the online discussions, media outlets delved into the royal dilemma surrounding the Princess’s health.

The BBC conducted an analysis, the New York Times explored the swirling rumors, Vogue investigated “The Curious Case of the ‘Disappearing’ Princess,” and other publications examined the broader implications of the public fascination with her alleged ‘disappearance.’

The recent public appearance near Windsor Castle is the first sighting of the 42-year-old Princess since her Christmas celebration at the Sandringham estate with her husband, Prince William, their three children, and the rest of the royal family.

After her hospitalisation, the Princess of Wales left the London Clinic on January 29 and returned to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor, where she reunited with her children. During her recovery period, Prince William temporarily stepped back from his royal duties to manage childcare but continued with other engagements in Wrexham and London.


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