• Tuesday, April 16, 2024


New IT system for medical charity could benefit millions in Africa

Dr Nik Kotecha, cheif executive of Morningside Pharmaceuticals, said he was “delighted” to help Inter Care improve its quality management system.

By: DrewMcLachlan

A charity that provides recycled medicine and medical equipment to rural health units in Africa will receive a boost in productivity after receiving a new IT system from Morningside Pharmaceuticals.

Inter Care, which sends items such as dressing and instruments that would otherwise be incinerated, supports about 130 health units across six African countries, which collectively serve 11 million patients.

Inter Care do great work in developing countries and Morningside are delighted that they are able to help enhance Inter Care’s quality management system,” Dr Nik Kotecha, chief executive of Morningside, said.

Thanks to Morningside, Inter Care now has a highly professional and efficient stock control system, putting us at the top of our game for a charity of our size,” Inter Care general manager Diane Hardy added. “Morningside’s mission is to make quality healthcare an affordable and accessible reality throughout the world, which echoes that of Inter Care.”

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