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Nazir Afzal stands down as chief of police and crime commissioners

Nazir Afzal stood down as chief executive of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners

By: ReenaKumar

Nazir Afzal, has stood down as chief executive of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners.

It is believed he resigned in order to appear on the BBC’s Question Time following the Manchester attack.

Afzal, who brought the prosecution against the Rochdale grooming gang when he was the Chief Crown Prosecutor of the CPS for north-west England, announced his resignation in a statement on Twitter.

Given media calls I confirm that I’ve resigned as chief executive of country’s police and crime commissioners. I’m not saying anything publicly,” he wrote.

Afzal later said he was stopped from making any media appearances.

He added: “I was prohibited from doing ANY media or public engagement following terror attack. When people need more reassurance and understanding.”

The BBC earlier claimed his departure was connected to a “row over media coverage of the terror attacks”.

Reports claim that Afzal was advised against appearing on Question Time because of potentially controversial policing issues that could have been raised on the show. However, Afzal stepped down and appeared on the programme on May 25.

The APCC said: “Nazir told the board that he intended to go on Question Time to discuss the recent events in Manchester. The board, made up of all parties, advised that it would be inappropriate for him to do so, given the number of contentious issues relating to policing which could be raised especially in discussion with politicians who were appearing and during purdah.

“He resigned from his post in order to make this appearance. We thank him for his service during his year at the APCC.”

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