• Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Mum pushing baby in pram faces ‘life-changing’ injuries after hit-and-run

By: Kimberly Rodrigues

The police are on the hunt for a driver in Hounslow who severely injured a woman, leaving her unable to fully care for her child following a hit and run case.

Rajdeep Kaur, 37, was pushing her 13-month-old daughter in a pram on North Hyde Lane and Raleigh Road in Southall, west London at around 12.25 pm on February 3 when a BMW, overtaking traffic in the wrong direction, struck her and narrowly missed the pram.

The silver BMW came close to the pram but managed to avoid a collision. However, the pram was left in the roadway, posing a potential risk of being struck by oncoming vehicles. Her daughter was luckily not hurt, a report by the Metropolitan police said.

Despite being thrown several feet in the air, Kaur survived but sustained life-threatening injuries, including leg and pelvis injuries.

Emergency services rushed Kaur to the hospital, where she remained for several months.

Kaur has recently been able to take a few steps with the assistance of a walking frame, however, medical professionals have said that she will never fully recover from her injuries.

Although she survived, her mobility is significantly limited, making her unable to independently care for her daughter.

Witnesses captured the car’s number plates, but they were later discovered to be cloned. The vehicle involved was a silver BMW X5.

Detective Constable Davina Nash, leading the investigation, said, “This is a very distressing case. Kaur thankfully survived but has sustained injuries that will change her life forever. It was only fortunate that her 13-month daughter was not hurt too.

“Crimestoppers – who are independent of the police – are now offering a reward for information and we are hopeful this will encourage someone to come forward.

“We believe the driver of the BMW is local to the Hounslow area and so someone will know who he or she is. If you have information about the driver or anything else that could secure justice for the victim, the charity Crimestoppers guarantee you will stay completely anonymous. They are available on the phone or via their website 24/7, 365 days a year.”

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