• Tuesday, December 05, 2023

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Met officer sacked for violent attack on father-in-law in disguise

By: Pramod Thomas

A former Metropolitan Police officer has been dismissed from his position after a tribunal revealed that he had carried out a violent assault on his father-in-law while wearing a disguise.

The incident occurred outside his relative’s Indian takeaway in February last year and followed a fallout with his wife, reported The Telegraph.

Mohammed Rahman who was a part of the safer schools team and had become a qualified police officer in July 2020, attempted to conceal his identity during the attack by wearing a snood and a hat. However, his disguise came off during the altercation, allowing his victim to identify him.

During the assault, Rahman kicked, punched, and threw his father-in-law against the restaurant’s shutters.

At a subsequent misconduct hearing, Rahman claimed that he had gone to the takeaway to have a “peaceful conversation” and seek help with his marital issues.

As Rahman’s disguise was removed during the attack, his father-in-law could identify him to others who intervened to break up the fight.

The misconduct hearing also revealed that Rahman, who has two brothers in the Met, had joined the force in July 2020 after several unsuccessful attempts to do so.

His marriage had been strained by “family tensions,” and by September 2021, she had moved back in with her family.

Rahman accused his mother-in-law of “creating problems between them” and sent a series of threatening messages in December 2021, including one that read, “Your s—-y mum is gonna die, remember that.”

The misconduct panel concluded that Rahman was responsible for the premeditated and unprovoked assault that occurred in February 2022.

Criminal proceedings against Rahman were dropped when key witnesses, including his father-in-law, withdrew their cooperation from the prosecution.

The misconduct panel found that Rahman had “set out looking for trouble” and attended his father-in-law’s restaurant in disguise with “sinister intent.”

They also noted that Rahman had abused his position as a serving police officer to carry out the assault without fear of consequences, sending a disturbing message to the public.

Rahman was barred from working again as a police officer. He had earlier resigned from his position at the Met.

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