• Friday, July 01, 2022

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Meghan Markle supporters retort at Buckingham Palace leaked ‘bullying’ report, call her ‘the kindest and most considerate person’

By: ShelbinMS

SUPPORTERS of Meghan Markle have come out in support of The Duchess of Sussex after a report claiming that she was investigated by some members of the Buckingham Palace in lieu of her allegedly bullying a staff of the Palace was leaked.

According to the report, Markle was responsible for bullying two senior staff members of the Buckingham Palace when she was a member of the Royal Family, reported Deadline. Soon after the report got leaked, the ‘policies and procedures’ of the Palace were changed in regard to the treatment of the staff. However, Markle supporters have claimed that the bullying report, funded and instituted by Queen Elizabeth was allegedly ‘buried’ since it was not yet released.

Soon after the leaked bullying report surfaced, Markle supporters took to Twitter to defend the Duchess.

“Why is that Meghan Markle has never been accused of such behaviour until she worked for the Royalfamilylied. Absolutely everyone who has met her & worked with her says she is the kindest and most considerate person…” wrote one Twitter user.

“So Buckingham Palace leaked the existence of a bullying investigation (4 days before the Oprah interview) but not the results? Excuse me but this is BULLSHIT. Meghan has been bullied by the RF and didn’t say half what she went through on the interview,” another user wrote.

“No one has a negative thing to say about Meghan from before she got married. She gets married into a family with a history of abuse, backstabbing, manipulation and jealousy and she’s all of a sudden an agent of chaos that managed to bully the entire monarchy?” wrote a third Twitterati.

Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex left Buckingham Palace on February 19, 2021, and moved to the US. Both have signed deals with online streaming platforms like Netflix and Spotify, reported Deadline.

Although Meghan and Harry have not produced much content, Netflix recently dropped the title of an animated series ‘Pearls’, still in the making which was created by Markle.


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