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Lord Rami Ranger hosts special dinner in support of Maidenhead Conservative association

By: Pramod Thomas

Long-time Tory supporter Lord Rami Ranger CBE has hosted a special dinner in support of the Maidenhead Conservative association at the Carlton Club in London on January 11.

Former prime minister Theresa May MP was the guest of honour and Indian high commissioner Vikram Doraiswami was the special guest at the event.

Lord Ranger expressed his gratitude to May for ennobling him by making him a life Peer. He also mentioned her outstanding contribution, dedication, and commitment both as prime minister and as a local MP.

“Britain celebrates diversity, multiculturalism and social cohesion. The appointment of Rishi Sunak MP as prime minister exemplified the diversity and meritocracy of Britain and the Conservative Party,” he said.

“I came to London in 1971 with nothing. It was only because of Britain’s great values that I could work my way up the ladder of success.”

Lord Rami Ranger CBE, Dr Ashraf Chochan, Theresa May MP, Mr Nayaz Qazi, Cllr Reena Ranger OBE, Sabina Ranger

Lord Ranger was honoured eight times by The Queen, six times for business and twice for community service. His company Sun Mark was the only company in the UK to have won an unprecedented five consecutive Queen’s awards for Enterprise in international trade.

According to the Tory peer, the UK-India free trade agreement (FTA) would be the ‘mother of all free trade agreements’ as it will unleash unprecedented economic growth in both countries.

The former prime minister thanked Lord Ranger for hosting the dinner. She said that the Conservative Party must be united for the benefit of the nation. Through this unity, the Party can win the next general election, May added.

She added that Sunak is a very hard-working prime minister and he has brought in calm and stability.

Speaking on the occasion, Doraiswami described how the UK and India could co-operate and collaborate after the FTA.

“The cordial relationship between the countries will improve economies and security. The key objective from India’s point of view was not as the narrative has been seen in the British media of a negotiation built on visa numbers to Britain. It is not correct and this narrative should be stopped,” he said.

“The FTA should be one of equal parity. It will include key areas of mutual benefit, including manufacturing, healthcare, export of beverages, and pharmaceuticals duty-free import-export to benefit the consumers in both countries.”

Parliamentary Secretary of State Baroness Charlotte Vere, Lady Ranger and guests

The association chairman, Sir William Perry, Sri Lankan high commissioner Saroja Sirisena, Joy Morrissey MP, Lady Renu Ranger, chair of British Italian Conservatives Maurizio Bragagni, chair of the Conservative Friends of the NHS, Dr Ashraf Chohan, Conservative Friends of India co-chair Cllr Reena Ranger OBE, director general Nayaz Qazi, Dr Selva Pankaj of Regent College, Cllr Gurpreet Bhangra, local councillors from Maidenhead and Beaconsfield, Dr Maurizio Bragagni OBE and Damon Clarke have also participated in the event.

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