Jonny Pelham (Photo: twitter/Jonny Pelham)

Comedian Jonny Pelham is writing a “British-Asian ‘Inbetweeners’ for Channel 4.

The comic has written and intends to star in the “semi-autobiographical” series, which is based on his experiences with “the coolest gang in Yorkshire”, and the pilot will air as one of the channel’s short ‘Comedy Blaps’.

He told Chortle: “[It is a] semi-autobiographical show about my time as a member of the coolest gang in Yorkshire, ‘The BlazingBangladeshis.’ It will be set in Bradford and I’m really excited to showcase my city.

“I’m delighted that Channel 4 have given me this opportunity.”

‘Blazing Bangladeshis’ will be produced and directed by Stu Richards, who recently wrote BBC3 sitcom ‘Jerk’, and has called the process of assembling the cast and crew “thrilling”.

He said: “It’s early days – we’re still putting together our creative team – but the process of looking for writers, cast and crew who bring some proper Bradfordian authenticity has been pretty damn thrilling. Turns out there’s far more talent in West Yorkshire than I, as a proud Lancastrian, would ideally like to admit.”

Casting for the series is taking place and filming in Bradford is expected to be starting in September, when students arrive for freshers’ week at the University of Bradford.

Producers on ‘Blazing Bangladeshis’ are on the lookout for “five South-Asians from Bradford or West Yorkshire, four men and a woman, who are funny and fresh and can play an 18-year-old college student.”

Jonny’s past credits include playing a version of himself in Viceland comedy series ‘Bobby and Harriet Get Married’, starring married comedians Bobby Mair and Harriet Kemsley, and a Sky Arts short film called ‘Late Bloomer’, where he attempts to lose his virginity. The story of his time in the gang formed part of his 2015 debut stand-up show at the Edinburgh Festival.