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Jameela Jamil says she ‘regrets’ feuding with Piers Morgan

By: Mohnish Singh

Jameela Jamil, who had earlier said that Piers Morgan’s “relentless campaign of lies and hatred” against her in 2020 made her suicidal, says she regrets feuding with the former host of Good Morning Britain.

The actress recently expressed her regret over her participation in the public feud and said, “I don’t like those men but I was flippantly unbelievably rude,” she said in her I Weigh podcast. “I fundamentally disagree with everything about them, but I do massively regret the way I used language.”

She continued, “I regret the way I spoke about them. I thought I was being sassy and funny and I thought that because I was a Brown, queer woman I could talk to men however I wanted but it didn’t help anything.”

She said her gestures didn’t help her “move the needle.”

She owned up to simply getting “clapped and clicked at by the people who already agree with me,” noting that she “was putting off the people I had the opportunity to convert by speaking with a bit more grace.”

In 2020, she decided to block Morgan to protect her young fans.

“He’s using his platform ONLY to perpetuate the hateful emotional violence that leads to the nervous breakdown of young, vulnerable people,” Jamil announced on Twitter as she made her account private. “In and out of the spotlight. I expose his name to a new young audience when I tweet him, which endangers them.”

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