• Thursday, August 18, 2022


Indian football captain condemns racism

FILE PHOTO: India’s captain Sunil Chhetri. PUNIT PARANJPE/AFP via Getty Images)

By: PramodKumar

Indian football captain Sunil Chhetri has condemned the incidents of racism against people from the Northeast.

He appealed to people not to do it.

A few incidents have emerged in India where people from the Northeast were blamed for being carriers of the novel coronavirus, as “they are from China.”

Earlier this week, two Naga students were not allowed to enter a grocery store in Mysuru as the clerks believed them to be ‘foreigners’.

Though they displayed their Aadhaar cards, the clerks didn’t believe.

“I think people who are doing it, and who understand the difference, are just ignorant. It’s just not right. You shouldn’t do it,” Chhetri said.

“Imagine if the virus had originated from a place where people looked like you, or from your region. Let’s suppose you are working in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam or Sikkim, and people hound you or bully you or trouble you. How will you feel?” he added.

Earlier this week, the Indian football team came together and donated an undisclosed amount of money as its contribution towards the country’s fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

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