• Tuesday, December 05, 2023

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‘I will expose the reality of what Pakistan did to me,’ says Adnan Sami

By: Mohnish Singh

Singer Adnan Sami, who renounced his Pakistani citizenship and became a citizen of India in 2016, has penned a shocking note on Instagram, criticising the establishment of his former country.

In his Instagram post, he promised to “expose the reality ” of what Pakistan did to him. He wrote, “Many people ask me why I have such contempt towards Pakistan. The hard truth is that I have absolutely no contempt towards the people of Pakistan who have been good to me. I love everyone who loves me– period. I have major issues with the establishment. Those who truly know me will also know what that establishment did to me for many years which ultimately became one of the big reasons for me to leave Pak.”

“One day, soon, I will expose the reality of how they treated me which not many know, least of all the general public which will shock many! I have remained silent about all this for many years, but will choose the right moment to tell all,” he added.
Adnan’s post has left everyone curious.

“What actually happened? Can’t wait for you to spill the truth,” a social media user commented.

“You can’t imagine how much we love you, Sir. I wish you were here in Pakistan, working with your son Azaan and doing concerts everywhere together. I’m sure there must be some very serious issue that forced you to leave Pak. But always remember, you have your true fans here, who love you soo much and listen to your music since the beginning,” another one wrote.

Adnan was awarded the Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian honour, in 2020.

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