Popular film and television celebrities have been keeping fans abreast of their quarantine activities ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi put India into lockdown. While some celebs are busy learning new things, others have decided to devote time to their hobbies in self-isolation.

Well-known actress Hina Khan, who recently made her transition to films after establishing herself as one of the leading actresses on Indian television, recommends three things to people to pass the stay at home days, as the entire country remains in lockdown amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

“They can help their families and that will help one pass their time. Second, I have started going onto YouTube and search a lot of stuff, including sketching or paint, or product reviews, so I am learning new things via Google and YouTube. Then I also meditate and lock myself in the room, shut down everything and light up all the candles, it is amazing. Sometimes I work out, I read, cleaning, spending time with myself, play games, so I do a lot of stuff,” says Hina Khan.

The actress goes on to add that she does not see herself traveling for the next one or one and a half years because there is still no vaccine to curb the pandemic. “I would not mind going to Goa as well. I was also talking about something to my parents about how what is the possible guarantee that this virus is not anymore unless there is a vaccine. So many people in just India, it is so risky to travel and I don’t see myself traveling for the next one or one and a half years. My mother and I are asthmatics, and this hits the lungs. I have told her to wear gloves and masks for the next 2 years,” the actress signs off.