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Helpful hair hacks for a healthier glow

Jayna Kerai

By: Neelam Mistry-Thaker

BUSINESS entrepreneur Jayna Kerai was motivated by personal experiences growing up to create her Ayurveda inspired haircare brand REIKA Botanics.

A desire to make a difference led her towards developing powerful oils that nourish, condition, and protect all types of hair. That holistic approach with natural products has helped many become more confident and enabled her to develop a range of other tools for healthier hair. Eastern Eye decided to get the expert to share her 12 top haircare hacks. Before sharing the secrets and some of her products, she said: “Let’s face it, a good hair day can make all the difference in how confident you feel. And a bad hair day? Well, we’ve all been there. There’s something profound about the relationship between a woman and her hair. It’s not just about how it looks; it’s about identity and confidence. That’s why I’m here to share some haircare hacks that’ll have you feeling like your most confident self.”

Neem comb magic: Ever heard of a neem comb? Not only does it stimulate hair growth, but it helps to smooth the cuticle resulting in shinier and more manageable hair. According to Ayurveda, neem has many healing benefits for your scalp and hair.

REIKA Botanics, £10.

Scalp massage: Treat your scalp with regular massages. Not only does it boost blood circulation, but it also delivers essential nutrients to your hair roots, promoting healthier growth. And let’s not forget the relaxation benefits – it’s like therapy for your scalp and that sense of touch from either yourself or a loved one is very healing.

Hair oils: There’s a reason why hair oiling is a time-honoured tradition. It strengthens, regrows, and beautifies your locks like nothing else. Make it a weekly ritual. Massage oil into your scalp and through your strands, and let it work its magic to deeply penetrate and strengthen your strands.

REIKA Botanics hair growth oil, £29.

Post-styling nourishment: Don’t stop the love after styling. A lightweight hair oil adds a protective layer, fights frizz, and keeps your hair looking healthy and shiny. Trust me, it’s a gamechanger for daily maintenance and is highly underrated in my opinion.

REIKA Botanics hair strengthening oil, £29.

 Leave-in conditioner: They are your hair’s best friend and can provide a continuous source of moisture throughout the day. This is particularly beneficial for dry or damaged hair, as it helps to detangle, hydrate and soften the strands. Bonus points if it doubles up as a heat protector.

Trim time: No one wants those dry, straggly bits at the end of your hair. Don’t skip those regular trims. They keep your hair looking fresh, prevent split ends, and maintain overall health. Try to go at least every four-six months and as long as you are keeping up with your haircare routine, you shouldn’t need to go for trims too often.

Embrace your natural: Your hair is unique, be proud of it and own it. Trying to conform to societal standards and expectations can be stressful and time-consuming. Embrace your natural texture from time to time and watch your confidence soar. Less heat styling, more self-love – it’s a win-win. Consistent care: Building a positive haircare routine is key. Stay consistent and have patience – there are no quick fixes. Simplify it and make it work for you. Instead of trying to do everything, pick one or two things you want to try. Remember that self-care is important, so prioritise it.

Satin everything: Swap those harsh hair ties for satin scrunchies and invest in a satin pillowcase to sleep in luxury – your hair will thank you. They are gentle, prevent breakage, and add a touch of personality to your look and style to your bedroom. REIKA Botanics has a luxurious range.

 Stress less: Stress wreaks havoc on your hair and can lead to hair loss and dull, lifeless hair. It can constrict blood flow to the follicles, cause imbalances in your hormones and many more negative impacts to your overall health. Find ways to manage it, whether it’s through self-care, meditation or a good old-fashioned laugh.

Amla love: Incorporate amla into your diet. This Indian gooseberry is vitamin C-rich and promotes healthier locks from the inside out, and the benefits will go far beyond just your hair. You can consume amla in various forms, including fresh fruit, juice, powder or supplements. While eating amla can contribute to healthier hair, it’s important to remember that hair health is influenced by various factors; therefore, incorporating amla into your diet should be part of a holistic approach to maintaining healthy hair.

Hair affirmations: Speaking positive words of affirmation to your hair can have a surprisingly positive impact on its health and vitality. Just like nurturing a plant with loving words, affirmations can help foster a strong and resilient hair mindset, contributing to overall hair wellness. A personal favourite is, ‘My hair is growing and evolving, just like me’, and it is a beautiful one to repeat when oiling your hair. So, shower your hair with love and watch it flourish.

So, there you have it, my top haircare hacks for your best hair and your most confident self. Remember, it’s not just about how you look, but how you feel. So go ahead, rock that crown of yours and remember, when your hair shines, so do you.


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