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G20 leaders’ declaration ‘confirms’ Russia’s isolation over Ukraine says Macron

By: Kimberly Rodrigues

French president Emmanuel Macron said on Sunday (10) that the G20 leaders’ declaration “confirms” Russia’s isolation regarding the Ukraine crisis. He also noted that India’s presidency of the bloc made significant efforts to convey a message of unity and peace to the world.

At a media briefing, he also said that the G20 is not a forum for political discussions and that a “vast majority” of countries of the grouping have “condemned” the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“This G20 confirms once again the isolation of Russia. Today, an overwhelming majority of G20 members condemn the war in Ukraine and its impact,” Macron said.

His comments came a day after the G20 leaders adopted the New Delhi declaration by consensus while avoiding mentioning Russian invasion of Ukraine, in what was largely seen as a climbdown by the Western powers on the conflict.
As G20 president, India did its best to send across a message of unity and peace to the world while Russia was still waging its aggression against Ukraine, Macron said.

He said the declaration referred to the need of upholding principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity, and called on all states to refrain from the “threat, or use, of force” to seek territorial acquisition.

He said the G20 is committed to “just and lasting” peace in Ukraine.

In a separate press conference, Japanese prime minister Fumio Kishida said Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine is something that could “shake” the foundation of cooperation at G20.

“That is having a major impact on the global economy,” he said.

In his remarks, Macron also thanked prime minister Narendra Modi for his efforts towards global peace.
Considering the current fragmented environment, India has done well as G20 president, he noted.

We support reform of international institutions to reflect the current reality of the world, the French president said.

The declaration issued at the G20’s Bali summit last November had deplored in the strongest terms the Russian aggression against Ukraine while most members strongly condemned the war.

The New Delhi G20 Declaration refers only to the “war in Ukraine” and noted with “deep concern the immense human suffering and the adverse impact of wars and conflicts around the world”.

In reference to the Ukraine conflict, it also has a line that “there were different views and assessments of the situation”.

Both Russia and China had agreed to the two paragraphs on the Ukraine conflict in the Bali declaration, but they backtracked from it this year creating difficulties for India.


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