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Freida Pinto discusses new role in Guerrilla

Freida Pinto (TIBRINA HOBSON/AFP/Getty Images)

By: ReenaKumar

Indian actress Freida Pinto who rose to fame after she appeared in Slumdog Millionaire, has spoken about her role in new Sky Atlantic drama Guerrilla.

She plays Jas Mitra who is part of the revolutionary couple who take a stand amid the racial struggle of 1970s London.

Speaking about her character, Pinto said: “She’s like a gentle ticking time bomb, it was a fantastic exploration of the unpredictability this character brings to the central plot line. She has a lot of passion and drive but she’s also naive at times and the consequences of all her actions and her decisions greatly move the flow of the story.

She is definitely someone who needs to stand up for what she believes in and she’s someone who needs to do things, as opposed to just talking about it.

Pinto’s character escaped India with her mother because of a threat to their lives. Viewers later discover that her father is in a prison in India for being part of a popular and infamous communist group in West Bengal.

The actress added: “She’s working as a nurse. A lot of the immigrant population did actually take up jobs as doctors, bus drivers and nurses very often below what their qualifications merited. Her relationship with Marcus (Idris Elba) has plateaued a bit even though there is an undeniable sense of love and respect they feel for each other.

We do come into her life when she’s first peaked into a sense of frustration and weariness at not being able to do more. The kind of frustration that can make you spiral down even further or motivate you to take some drastic action to gain a sense of purpose again. Either way, all decisions have consequences and Jas’s decisions are certainly more explosive and almost unpredictable.

Guerrilla is available on Sky Atlantic and Now TV.

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