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Four signs you may be heading toward burnout

By: Kimberly Rodrigues

Dr Julie Smith, a British psychologist with a private practice in Hampshire, with some 4.2 million followers on the popular social media app, TikTok has revealed four signs that you may be heading towards burnout, including physical and emotional exhaustion, the Daily Mail reports.

The doctor who shares content on mental health topics recently posted a clip that looks at some of the signs and indications that you may be heading toward a breakdown.

Dr Smith, who also shares her professional opinions on social media platforms, Instagram and YouTube, also reportedly described what all about burnout.

She explains, ‘We all get overworked and tired every now and then but burnout is more than tiredness.’

She adds, ‘Burnout is when stress becomes chronic and has a detrimental effect on other areas in your life.’

She also explains that among the signs of burnout are ‘chronic exhaustion alongside restlessness and trouble sleeping, poor self-care such as diet and exercise.’

Additionally, the ‘Other signs include repeated emotional distress, such as anxiety, low mood, or anger outbursts.

‘You may notice your performance at work is going down, while you feel you are working harder than ever, you may also start feeling disconnected with loved ones and struggle to get along as well as you normally do,’ she said.

The video titled ‘4 signs you’re heading for burnout’ looks at the signs and symptoms individuals may experience if they are heading towards burnout.

Speaking about each of the four signs, in the video the doctor said, ‘Number one is disconnection from the people around you. You might be arguing more with your partner or your friends.

‘Number two, you’re procrastinating more than ever, and putting off even the smallest of tasks because they now feel overwhelming.’

According to Dr Smith, the third sign that you may be heading towards burnout is that ‘self-care goes out the window’, especially regarding diet, exercise, and sleep.


The psychologist adds, ‘Number four [is] physical and emotional exhaustion. You feel tired, but wired and can’t sleep at night.’

The video was apparently received well by many viewers as they seemed to relate to the topic. They also shared comments about their own experiences concerning burnout.

One viewer wrote, ‘I burnt out and still go through episodes. Every time I try to change it the people around me drag me back in. so tired.’

Another commentator wrote, ‘Umm okay I guess I am heading straight for one. But maybe it is what I need.’

Meanwhile, another said, ‘That’s exactly how I feel, and soon enough I’ll explode.’

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