• Tuesday, September 27, 2022


Feminist refuses to call her spouse ‘husband’ says the word’s ‘sexist’, refers to him ‘wer’ instead

By: Kimberly Rodrigues

Audra Fitzgerald, 26, who has a degree in linguistics, explains in a recent TikTok video that since the word husband has sexist connotations, she refers to her spouse as ‘wer’ because being a feminist she doesn’t like the word ‘husband’ which is supposed to mean “master” or “controller of the house” – which is not exactly in line with her thinking.

The New York Post reports, Audra, is a New York feminist who recently wed her long-time boyfriend, Andrew.

According to Audra, the male equivalent for “wife” isn’t “husband” but actually “wer” — as in “werewolf,” the Toronto Sun informs.

“Like, a man and a wolf,” she said.

She adds, “So, I guess I’ll be calling him my ‘wer’ from now on unless anybody else has any other better ideas.”

The digital analyst who also has a college degree in linguistics made the declaration in a TikTok video which was reportedly filmed shortly after her wedding.

The video which has got 1.2 million views has racked up a whole lot of controversy as well, the New York Post informs.

Audra admits she has “received a crazy amount of backlash as people took it very seriously.”

She is reported to have said, “It was mainly men in the comments mansplaining how language works. They were homophobic and misogynistic and called my husband a ‘wife.’

“I choose whether to use words or not based on whether they are doing damage to society,” she states.

The TikToker adds that she was surprised her video about the word “husband” went viral, but she’s glad that many viewers are now aware of the word’s patriarchal etymology, or the study of the origin of words.

Audra adds, “ ‘Husband’ isn’t actually doing more damage to society, but I want people to be aware of the patriarchal (roots).”

Thousands of commenters were reportedly critical of feminist Audra, and have even described her as “ridiculous, “exhausting” and “incredibly sad.”

One viewer reportedly said, “People will always find something to be offended by.” While another sarcastically swiped, “Is it really that deep? You must be fun at parties!”

But in an interview with South West News Service Audra has reportedly said her spouse Andrew is no henpecked “wer,” – they had been dating for eight years before getting married and he strongly supports her feminist views.

Audra, who goes by @feminfitz on social media, also said she isn’t a fan of the word “spouse” because it’s not a word she uses often, plus it “sounds generic” the Toronto Sun said.

With regard to the word partner. She adds, “Partner is always great but it’s not always marriage-specific, and sometimes you have to make it clear just for legal reasons whether or not you’re married to someone.”

The Toronto Sun explains Audra clarified that the point she was trying to make is that “there’s no widely-known term for ‘male spouse’ that doesn’t mean ‘controller.’”

However, one viewer has commented what many may have thought, the Toronto Sun said.

Commenting about Audra’s refusal to refer to Andrew as her ‘husband’ and use the word ‘wer’ instead, the viewer is reported to have said, “It’s cool, but you mentioned you don’t use partner much as it sometimes requires elaboration, would this not always require elaboration?”

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