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Barun Sobti has a loyal worldwide fan following

By: Sarwaralam

TALENTED actor Barun Sobti has one of the most loyal fan followings in the world and regularly makes it onto lists of the sexiest men. A popular fan club dedicated to the shining star is run by Chami Dahanayake from Sri Lanka and India-based Chaitali Mallick, Indu Yelduti and Priti Dutt.

Eastern Eye caught up with them to find out more.

What made you set up the fan club?

Our unconditional, infinite love for our idol Barun Sobti made us start the fan club. We wanted to make a huge Sobtian fan base and create a strong platform sharing all his news and updates. We wanted to keep him in front and shining.

Tell us about your fan club?

We have Facebook and Twitter fan pages. From the day we started until today, without missing a single day, we have updated all the news, links and kept the pages live daily with photos, edits and videos. We have organised eight online events on our
Facebook page so far including his birthday celebration every year.

What has been your memorable moment?

It’s a journey with many memorable moments. Some of them include the day we        started our Facebook page, the moment we got 100,000 likes on it, one admin getting the chance to see him live and another of us getting the chance to talk to him.

What is the best thing about Barun Sobti?

He is a bundle of talent with good looks and noble qualities. His humbleness is the best thing about him.

What is your favourite work Barun has done?

From his first TV series Shraddha to the web series Tanhaiyan, we love all his work             on TV, movies, adverts, charity work.

Tell us an interesting fact about Barun?

He has been the same person from his first day until today, his down-to-earth nature and blissful smile are truly admirable.

What is your definition of a true fan?

A true fan is a person who heartily supports the career and decisions of the one they   admire, stands by them throughout and truly respects their choices and personal life.

See Facebook: @BarunSobti1 and Twitter: @BarunSobtiPage to find out more

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