• Monday, January 30, 2023


Faith groups unite on anniversary of Jo Cox assassination

Brendan Cox, widower of Jo Cox, said he wanted his late wife’s death to be marked with “a joyous occasion”. (Photo credit: Jo Cox Foundation)

By: DrewMcLachlan

Faith group leaders across the country are coming together to pay tribute to Jo Cox and celebrate “what we have in common” in communities around the UK.

Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Jewish and Buddhist faith groups will be joining together to organise over 10,000 street parties, barbecues, picnics and iftars across the UK from June 16 to 18.

The events fall on the first anniversary of Batley and Spen MP Jo Cox’s death, after she was assassinated by a right-wing activist on her way to a constituency surgery. Brendan Cox, Jo Cox’s widower, explained that he wanted to commemorate the anniversary of his late wife’s death with a “joyous occasion” that would “bring communities together”.

Noting its timing shortly after the June 8 general election, he said: “We need to get a better balance. We spend way too much time fixated on the areas we disagree with each other and need to create more moments where we come together as a country. That’s what I’m focused on and after polling day, I am sure that’s exactly what people all over the UK will be crying out for.”

Julie Siddiqi, national coordinator of the Great Iftar, added: “Hospitality and friendship are key to breaking barriers and getting to know people as friends. We must keep away from the divisive narrative that some are spreading and instead reach out to each other more, not less. It will be a great weekend which will leave a lasting legacy that we can all work with long into the future.”

For more information, visit www.greatgettogether.org.

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