• Monday, December 05, 2022

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Diwali 2022: ‘Light up your house and someone else’s too if possible’, says popstar Lekka

By: Mohnish Singh

The festival of lights surely stokes enthusiasm in almost everyone across the country and with so much cheer around it is rather impossible for one to not feel happy. As everyone gears up to celebrate Diwali tomorrow, Lekka shares her favorite Diwali memory and urges people to be conscious of strays.

This festival of light always comes up with positive vibes and sweets. Diwali has always been an integral part of our lives. A festival of health and prosperity must be extended to everyone, including our furry little friends.

Revealing her Diwali plans, Singer Lekka says, “My Diwali plans are quite simple, from inviting some friends over to having a cheat meal after a long time. And most importantly, looking forward to sweet little motichoor laddoo. I am a dog lover so it’s absolutely no for firecrackers and I hate them.”

She also went on to mention her fondest Diwali memory, “It’s quite recent actually. Last year because of the firecrackers, a few strays in my colony were really scared and crying. I opened my car and they all happily got in. They slept peacefully for 5-6 hours until the loud sounds subsided. They enjoyed a yummy meal post that too.”

The popstar also sent out a message to her fans saying, “Light up your house and someone else’s too if possible, and let’s make it a Khushiyonwali Diwali for these little beings!”

Lekka had a very sweet message for all her fans and we do wish everyone a very safe and Happy Diwali.

On the work front, Lekka recently released her song Kingpin. The project is helmed by Sarthak Gaur, CEO of 1 Million Entertainment, and directed by Nitish Raizada. Kingpin’s music is produced by Dee Coy and composed by Addy.

The song is being appreciated by audiences all over the world and has crossed 5 million views already.

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