A total of 929 people died in Bangladesh with Covid-19 symptoms between March 8 and May 12, according to a report of Centre for Genocide Studies of Dhaka University.

Bangladesh Peace Observatory (BPO), a UNDP funded research facility housed at Centre for Genocide Studies, prepared the report based on different media outlets and published it on Tuesday.

The report came out at a time when the authorities recorded only 269 Covid-19 deaths since the first three cases reported on March 8.

Of the 929 deaths with Covid-19 symptoms, 210 were in Dhaka, 167 in Chattogram, 110 in Khulna, 87 in Rajshahi, 84 in Barishal, 66 in Sylhet and 65 in Rangpur divisions, the report mentioned.

The report also mentioned that there were at least 33 incidents of ignorance from medical professionals or reticence to treat non-Covid patients.

Besides, 17 patients were denied burial, eight incidents of forced eviction from homes, 23 cases of abandonment from family or family members or colleagues and two persons died by suicide for social stigma.

The number of harassment or assault originated from social stigma cases are nine while such cases related to medical professionals’ stands at 15.

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