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Chris Hemsworth unrecognisable in first images from sets of Mad Max prequel Furiosa – see photos

By: ShelbinMS

While fans await the release of Chris Hemsworth’s much-talked-about film Thor: Love and Thunder, new photos from the sets of his forthcoming film Furiosa are doing the rounds on the internet. For those not in the know, Furiosa is a prequel to the blockbuster film Mad Max: Fury Road.

The film goes back in time years before Fury Road to focus on Charlize Theron’s character Imperator Furiosa as she is stranded with a biker horde after being taken from the Green Place of Many Mothers. Anya Taylor-Joy is playing the character in the new film.

The first look at Chris Hemsworth’s mystery character has left the fans intrigued. Speculations are rife that the actor portrays the character of one of the film’s villains, the Warlord Dementus. There has not been any official confirmation of his character, though.

Fans are impressed with Hemsworth’s appearance it seems. They have showered praises on the actor for the physical transformation and makeup.

Praising the actor, one user wrote, “He is miles away from the MCU Thor world here.”

“For a moment, I thought this was a body double,” wrote another.

Many fans, however, compared his look in the film to his Thor look from Avengers: Endgame. The actor put on weight and grew long hair and a beard for his role in the MCU film.

Meanwhile, Furiosa’s synopsis says that the film will chart the rivalry between two tyrants, the nightmarish franchise villain Immortan Joe and the fierce Warlord Dementus, as they vie for control over the Wasteland and Citadel.

The film went on floors last month in Australia after a second unit shot some advance scenes in May. The film is scheduled to hit cinemas in 2024.

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