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British Asian designer Jashaan Gill urges youngsters to dream big

By: Pramod Thomas

BRITISH ASIAN designer Jashaan Gill has urged youngsters to start pursuing their dreams, assuring them that they will ‘find their way’ in the process.

Birmingham-based Gill’s journey into the world of fashion commenced with a dream that his teachers dismissed and mocked.

Now, aged 26, this resilient designer from Oldbury stands triumphantly on the global fashion stage, a testament to unwavering determination, reported MailOnline.

His saga began over a decade ago when, as a schoolboy, he faced skepticism and laughter for harbouring dreams of a career in fashion.

Undaunted by the initial lack of support, he founded his brainchild, Jheez, at the tender age of 17.

Despite being laughed out of boardrooms and encountering dismissiveness due to his youth, he has emerged as a one-man powerhouse, recently showcasing his designs at the prestigious LA Fashion Week and collaborating with none other than American rapper The Game.

He was the first British Asian man of Punjab heritage to headline a show in NYC fashion week in 2022.

Despite the challenges he faced, Gill remains unwavering in his advice to aspiring individuals. “Just start. You will find your way. Focus on the people who are supporting you from the very start,” he urges, emphasising the importance of perseverance and a strong support system.

He, however, acknowledged the importance of having an alternative plan, regardless of the nature of a person’s aspirations.

From converting his bedroom into a makeshift stockroom for his burgeoning clothing line to gracing the glossy pages of major fashion magazines like GQ, Gill’s meteoric rise has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Reflecting on his journey, he told MailOnline, “It’s absolutely unbelievable, coming from a working-class background to ending up in one of the fashion capitals of the world.”

His recent showcase at LA Fashion Week solidified his status as an independent designer to watch.

With an eye on the future, Gill, armed with a law degree and a tenacious work ethic cultivated in a working-class background, envisions his brand, Jheez, ascending to the heights of popularity akin to fashion giants like Louis Vuitton.

He acknowledges the surreal nature of his journey, expressing aspirations to feature in Paris or Milan Fashion Weeks—the epitome of the fashion world.

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