• Tuesday, June 06, 2023


Boris apologies for alcohol remark in Sikh gurdwara

Stumble: British foreign secretary Boris Johnson (Reuters)

By: RithikaSiddhartha

FOREIGN secretary Boris Johnson was forced to apologies for his remarks in a gurdwara about alcohol during a campaign stop in Bristol today (17).

Johnson was confronted by a woman when he addressed a group of Sikhs at the Shri Guru Nanak Prakash Singh Sabha Gurdwara. He spoke of the potential for a free trade agreement between India and the UK after Brexit, suggestion that the removal of a high duty would enable greater exports of whiskey between the two countries.

At this point, a woman spoke up, pointing out to the foreign secretary, whose wife is of Sikh heritage, that drinking alcohol was against the tenets of the faith.

“I am a practicing Sikh and to me that is outrageous,” she told the Conservative politician, adding that alcohol was causing problems already.

Johnson then apologized, saying, “I understand your point of view.”

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