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Ben Stokes in verbal duel with Harsha Bhogle after Indian commentator slams England’s colonial mindset

By: Pramod Thomas

England’s Test captain Ben Stokes was involved in a verbal duel with Indian commentator and cricket expert Harsha Bhogle over Charlie Dean’s ‘Mankad’ dismissal last month.

India bowler Deepti Sharma ran out England’s Dean for the final wicket in a one-dayer at Lord’s after the non-facing batter had stepped out of her crease, prompting jeers from the crowd.

The dismissal is legal but classed as ‘Unfair Play’ in the rule book, though that changed from Oct. 1 when it was categorised simply as a run out.

Bhogle’s tweet supporting Sharma and pointing out the colonial aspect of the controversy irked Stokes. “Harsha … bringing culture into peoples opinion over a Mankad?,” the English star tweeted.

“Is this a culture thing?? ….absolutely not,I receive messages regarding the overthrows from people all over world,as people all over the world have made comment’s on the Mankad dismissal, not just people who are English.”


He was responding to a tweet by Bhogle, which said: “It is a cultural thing. The English thought it was wrong to do so & because they ruled over a large part of the cricket world, they told everyone it was wrong. The colonial domination was so powerful that few questioned it. As a result,the mindset still is that what England.”

In another tweet, the Indian expert said that he remains disturbed by the vitriol directed towards Deepti and added that the criticism must stop.

“Stop believing that the world must move at their bidding. As in society, where judges implement the law of the land, so too in cricket. But I remain disturbed by the vitriol directed towards Deepti. She played by the laws of the game and criticism of what she did must stop,” he said on Twitter.

Responding to the tweet, Stokes reminded Bhogle that he still receive messages from Indian fans ‘calling him all sort’s for the way England won the 2019 ODI World Cup final.

“Harsha .. 2019 WC final was over 2 years ago, I still till this day revive countless messages calling me all sorts from Indian fans, does this disturb you?,” he asked the commentator.

Bhogle was quick to respond and said that Stokes were not at fault in 2019. He also urged the England skipper for a chat on ‘Mankad’ dismissal controversy.

“Well, you were not at fault on that one so with you there. On the reaction in England to the non-striker backing up, I think it is what you are told when you learn the game and so, part of culture. Very happy to chat about it one day if you have a moment. Cheers,” Bhogle tweeted.

Several English players have criticised the dismissal but Sharma said they had warned Dean before effecting the dismissal.

Earlier, India captain Harmanpreet Singh has praised Sharma for showing match “awareness”.

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