Asda teamed-up with the Amirah Foundation to give children the chance to make Eid cards.
Asda partners with Amirah Foundation to make Eid special for mothers and their children

Now that the holy month of Ramadan has come to an end and Eid is upon us, for many children this season marks the beginning of excitement, receiving Eidi and enjoying their favourite delights cooked by mums. It is also a time when families across the UK will visit and wish each other a year full of goodness, well-being and prosperity.

Traditionally, Eid is celebrated by attending morning prayers at the mosque followed by spending time with loved ones over a sumptuous feast and exchanging gifts. Sympathetic to the significant role a gift can play during this festive period and empathetic to the fact that not everyone will be able to celebrate Eid the way they would like to; this year Asda partnered with the Amirah Foundation to make Eid special for mothers and children who have escaped violent pasts from abusive partners or come from an impoverished background.

Two of the colourful Eid cards created by children.

On the 24th of June 2017, the Amirah foundation held an Eid card making workshop where a group of children came together to create bright and colourful Eid greeting cards for their mothers as a sign of appreciation for all they have done for them. At the end of the Eid card making workshop each child that participated in the event received a Eidi bag from Asda filled with snacks, drinks and a toy for all their hard work, in an endeavour to make their celebration special.

A young child shows off the wonderful Eid card she created.
A young child creates her Eid card.

Saraya Hussain, a spokesperson from The Amirah Foundation said: “Every day we work with women who are struggling to provide for themselves and their children, it warms the heart to see companies like Asda come and celebrate Eid with the children of the community in such a creative and interactive way that allows each child to feel special and gives them a chance to express themselves.”


Speaking about the event, spokesperson from Asda said: “Every year we endeavour to make Eid special for the community by adding new offers and products, but we also ensure that in the spirit of togetherness we continue to support the community with events that promote tradition and culture.”



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