• Thursday, August 18, 2022


As lockdown ends, be on your guard!


Lockdown is ending and summer is here. That means a chance to get out again, see people and enjoy social activities once more. But this is not a time to drop your guard.

Burglars know your home is empty!

It’s tempting to rush out and see family and friends but in your haste to reconnect don’t leave your home vulnerable. Burglars may know if your home us empty because they watch houses they think have valuables of high worth.

Many burglaries are spur-of-the-moment. Burglars are always on the lookout for houses with an open window or a back door left unlocked. So be vigilant.

Enjoy yourself without worrying

Now you’ll be spending more time outside your home, it’s even more important to protect your valuables inside it. But better still lock them safely away from your home. Here at Neelkanth Safe Deposit we take care of all that for you giving you peace of mind so you can go out enjoy yourself without worrying about your valuables.

Best way to be safe

Stuck at home during lockdown you maybe felt there was no need to worry about burglars as you were in all the time. But even in lockdown burglars can attack. The best way to be safe is to use a safe deposit.

We promise you peace of mind

Now more than ever it’s vital to ensure your precious items which have huge sentimental as well as financial value are kept safe from burglars. At Neelkanth Safe Deposit we promise you peace of mind giving you a secure home for your valuables at an affordable price.

Make sure when you’re outside enjoying summer that your valuables are safely inside one of our safe deposit boxes.


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