• Tuesday, December 05, 2023


Anita Rani debuts jewellery range ‘Shakti’ with Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery

By: Mohnish Singh

Carrie Elizabeth, one of the leading jewellery brands in Britain, has launched a new jewellery range in partnership with Anita Rani, called Shakti.

Sharing her excitement, the 45-year-old former TV presenter said, “Beyond excited about my jewellery range with Carrie Elizabeth, called Shakti which is divine with feminine energy and power, that we all have within us.”

She further added, “Oooh yeah, perfect time for it to launch during Navratri, nine nights of goddess worship. It’s also sexy as hell. So get involved and adorn yourself like the goddess you are.”

The statement on the official Instagram page of Carrie Elizabeth, read, “We are so excited to introduce Shakti, the first collaboration of @carrie_elizabeth_jewellery & @itsanitarani! 🖤

“Strong, spellbinding and of course a little bit sexy, our Shakti collection was designed to empower & adorn you!

“Shakti is the embodiment of the powerful, feminine energy that is found within everyone and everything. By awakening this incredible energy, we can both empower ourselves and ignite the goddess within.

“Prepare to be seduced….”

Carrie Dennahy, the founder of Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery, said how excited she was to work with Anita. “I am so incredibly excited to have launched our Shakti collection with the absolutely fabulous Anita Rani,” she shared on Instagram. “Anita and I met just over a year ago and instantly hit it off over our shared love of India and jewellery!

She continued, “The collection is all about divine feminine energy and was inspired by Anita’s incredible fire and spirit! We wanted a collection that would empower and adorn you and also be a little bit sexy and edgy.”

Anita, who recently separated from her husband of 14 years, has joined influencer Zoe Sugg as celebrity ambassadors for Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery.

She looks absolutely gorgeous in the ad campaign for the brand where she poses in several beautiful outfits.

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