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Ajay Devgn: You can’t become an actor if you are chasing stardom

Ajay Devgn has been in Bollywood over 25 years

By: Sarwaralam

Ajay Devgn says aspiring actors should be passionate about the craft and not chase stardom.

“Whenever we go to small towns and interact with people they say they have wished to act since childhood and ask how one can go about it. But I question them, Do you want to be a star or an actor?

“Some say they want to be star and I feel they can’t do anything. If you are interested in acting, you’ve to learn it. Only then you will become a star,” Ajay said.

The actor was speaking at the launch of Tata Skys Acting Adda, an initiative by actor Suniel Shetty and casting director Mukesh Chhabra.

Ajay said aspiring actors do not have a platform to showcase their talent and the initiative will give them a stage.

Suniel said many people come in the industry with dreams but often quit in the middle due to lack of opportunities

“There is no money required to be in this profession. It is hard work but the only thing which is required here is talent… There are so many who want to learn acting but very few to teach them,” he said.

Chhabra said through the platform they can provide new talent to the industry.

“We will search for new actors through this platform and bring them to the industry. Every director today wants new actors so through this platform we will groom new talent and give them more work,” he said.

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