• Saturday, February 04, 2023

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Abusive racist banned from contacting victims for five years

By: Pramod Thomas

A man in Fearnhead was given a Criminal Behaviour Order, which makes it a criminal offence to contact any of the victims for five years, for his racist and abusive behaviour.

Lee Miller, 37, was sentenced at Warrington Magistrates’ Court to 24 months in jail, suspended, and 35 days of rehabilitation, The Standard reported.

The court heard that he had sent abusive, racist, and threatening messages to council employees, aid workers, and Derek Twigg MP for two years.

According to the report, Miller regularly sent vociferously violent threats via emails and voicemails.

He also often expressed hatred towards Welsh people, Scousers, foreigners, Asian people, Muslims, people with blue eyes, southerners, potheads, and immigrants.

In one message to Twigg MP, he said: “Your days are over now Mr Derek Twigg, your son will be sold to pedos for Labour and Keir Starmer” and told him he was being watched with a sniper rifle.”

The court heard that his rants would regularly feature racially charged slurs and would talk of how ‘we need to protect white people’ and ‘wipe foreigners out this country’.

In one email to a Muslim faith leader, he said: “Adolf Hitler is going to invade Britain from Poland to get rid of Muslims and Asians.”

Angela Blackmore, prosecuting, said that the negative effect Miller’s tirades had on the people he would send them to, including scaring multiple employees of MP Twigg’s office into avoiding areas they may run into Miller.

Gary Schooler, defending, said that the defendant had ‘a combination of complex mental conditions’.

While sentencing, district Judge John McGarva, said: “All the messages were offensive, some were obscene, and many were threats to groups of people and specific individuals such as the MP Derek Twigg.”

“Even now I believe you don’t think you did anything wrong by sending these messages.”

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